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Company History

Founded in 1999 by Anne Anderson

Anne Anderson began her real estate career in 1987. In her career she has developed affordable housing, planned and marketed subdivision and condo developments, sold commercial properties and  assisted in leasing opportunities, and has sold thousands of single family homes ranging from HUD homes to high end luxury properties.  Her largest development was a 72 unit apartment complex, which she completed in 1997 and successfully ran until 2014 when she sold the complex.  Anne is the sole owner and broker of Lakeshore Realty in Idaho and Washington.

Anne Anderson continues in sales and leasing, as well as, overseeing Lakeshore Realty and the many talented REALTORS®.  She has a list of clients that includes purchasers in the Black Rock and Gozzer developments and large developers and investors with varied backgrounds.  Anne was the 2004 Coeur d’Alene Association of REALTORS® President, past president of the Inland Northwest CCIM chapter, 2014 State Education Council representative and 2014 Women’s Council Entrepreneur of the Year.

We think of Lakeshore Realty like a specialty restaurant, small, quaint and personable versus fast food row or in this case the mega brands of real estate.  Because of this our staff includes many years of experience and our REALTORS ® have as little as a few months of experience to over 28 years. REALTORS® are available for 1st time home buyers, purchasers of acreage as well as seasoned buyers, developers and investors with their complex real estate transactions.